Speaking Notes in Bursa 2017

Speaking notes for Ambassador Malefane at the occasion of the trade and investment seminar, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bursa, 24 April 2017

Let me register my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Programme Director and profound appreciation to my friend and leader of business in the city of Bursa, Mr Cuneyt Sener (Board of Directors)

Today is extra significant for me as the South African Ambassador to Turkey because the city of Ekurhuleni and the city of Bursa have embarked upon a process that would culminate in the signing of a twinning and sisterhood agreement before the end of the year. This will make it easier for businesses from the two cities to engage and collaborate on important matters and partnerships aimed at advancing trade and investment. The trade and investment I am referring to will surely assist in rectifying the current trade imbalances and deficits experienced in the trade volume calculations between South Africa and Turkey.

Now that the issue of the referendum was peacefully executed last week, ours is to continue to develop our economies and remove them from the unprofitable levels they find themselves in through significant and coordinated commitments and actions essential for economic growth. Our economies are similar in a number of ways yet they in a similar way possess the greatest potential as compared to anywhere else in the world today. Those who think that they know better inform us that our economies are part of the fragile five, they continue to tell us that both economies belong to a status they call junk, yet the economies of these progressive two countries were named this past week as being part of the top twenty countries in the world that are desirable investment destinations. I will not go into details on the issue, suffice to say that there are serious inconsistencies in the accessions of these so-called rating agencies.

Allow me to wish you the best of interactions as we seek to cultivate a process resembling a catalyst for sustainable development for both our peoples.

Mr Mayor, can I kindly request you to deliver short comments on the potential that exists between the city of Ekurhuleni and the city of Bursa and how your office intend to monitor developments associated with this friendship.

I thank you.

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