Society and Culture

Composition of Human Mosaic

South Africa is the land of 49 million people from different race and lineages. Apart from English and Afrikaans; local languages as Xhosa, Sotho, Venda, Tsonga, Pedi, Shangan and Ndebele is used. All together there are 11 official languages used in South Africa. The local languages are similar to each other as much as the similarity between Spanish and German.

This wide range of languages gives a clue to the tourists on South Africa’s rich cultural diversity and this proves that South Africa deserves the attribution. South Africa is a country which intersects with the traditions of European culture, global trends and is shoulder to shoulder with old customs. South Africa is where east meets west and north meets south.   

The hand crafts, the preparations of the local dishes and local dances and customs that you will experience at the culture villages will open a window for you on the lives of local daily life in the villages. If you choose to visit the fascinating Soweto at the outskirts of Johannesburg, you will have the chance to see very luxurious houses very near to modest and humble houses. You will also feel mysterious spirit and energy steaming out from the jazz clubs and pubs.  

Rainbow Nation

South Africa’s rainbow nation consists of the harmony of  the San (Bushmen) , Sotho, Tswana,  Tsongas’s Venda's, Indians, Afrikaners, English and other immigrated Europeans from different roots.

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